Height: 5' 2½" Eyes: Blue
Voice: Lyric Soprano
Weight: 100 lbs. Hair: Blonde
Range: 3 octaves, E2-F#5
(212) 414-5236 (Service)  
Belt: up to D

DONNA'S LATE NIGHT CABARET Celia (lead)Manhattan Rep. Theater/Moonbeam.net
LADY OF COPPER (Hinton Battle, chor.) Emma Lazarus (lead)Cherry Lane Theater/Theater Garden
FARE FOR ALL (Mark Hollman, comp./music dir.) Sarah, GeorgeMount Vernon Hotel Mus./Drama MUSE
IOLANTHE Strephon (really!)W.O.W. Cafe Theatre/Warrior Muses
A FUNNY THING...FORUM PhiliaAlden Theatre
CABARET EmceeSweet Briar College
ANYTHING GOES HopeLazy Susan Theater
SHENANDOAH JennyLazy Susan Theater
SOMETHING'S AFOOT LettieLazy Susan Theater
THE BOYFRIEND HortenseLazy Susan Theater
THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE KateThe Washington Savoyards
THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Nick Olcott, Dir.) DaughterWest End Theatre
HAIR* (Keith Alan Baker, Dir.) SheilaStudio Theatre Secondstage (Wash., DC)
KEROUAC** (Keith Alan Baker, Dir.) Luanne/The Good BlondeStudio Theatre Secondstage (Wash., DC)
*Helen Hayes Award winner for Resident Musical and Direction of a Resident Musical
**Helen Hayes Award winner for Musical Direction of a Resident Musical
SWEETER DREAMS Roberta*Planet Connections/Cross-Eyed Bear Prod.
THYME OF THE SEASON PuckPlanet Connections/Cross-Eyed Bear Prod.
ORE, OR OR TaraWorkshop Theatre/Theater Small-Eyed Bear
ROMEO AND JULIET MercutioHolla Holla Prod./Hudson River Park
THYME OF THE SEASON PuckKatherine & Friends/Cross-Eyed Bear Prod.
TWELFTH NIGHT ViolaHolla Holla Prod./Hudson River Park
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM PuckHolla Holla Prod./Central Park
THE TROJAN WOMEN Helen of TroyLove Street Theatre
ETERNITY: TIME WITHOUT END Calliope** (lead)Spotlight On/Cross-Eyed Bear Productions
AS YOU LIKE IT RosalindHolla Holla Productions/Riverside Park
DIK AND JAYNE ARE NOT THE SAME Marina (lead)RAW Space/Cross-Eyed Bear Productions
AN EVENING WITH SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN Ophelia, Miranda, Titania, RosalindLovestreet Productions
ARIA DA CAPO ColumbineDeBaun Auditorium
EXTREMITIES PatriciaSweet Briar College
THE HEN GETS A FLAG Amy (lead)Source Theatre Festival (Wash., DC)
ANOTHER MARY Miss Bean (lead)DC Arts Center (Wash., DC)
*Planet Connections Award for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play
**Spotlight On Award for Best Actress in a Full-Length Production
RENAISSANCE CRUISE LINES Featured Singer/DancerParamount Productions

THE GOAD PrincipalPantomime Productions
BLOOD RED PrincipalAnatomical Travelogue
THE PROMISE PrincipalNYU Student Films
DREAMING WITH ANGELS FeaturedLittle Dog Productions
ITSFUCT CARDS LeadItzfuct Productions
TO KILL A CHILD LeadSVA Student Films
Commercials and Industrials
Industrial VolunteerAmerican Red Cross
Commercial CustomerCircuit City
Commercial LawyerMCI WorldCom

THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE Director, Musical ArrangerTTC (The Theater Company)
MACBETH DramaturgRed Shark Productions
MY PERFECT LIFE DirectorMITF Short Play Lab/Cross-Eyed Bear Prod.
PATRICK AND LISA'S WEDDING DirectorTTC (The Theater Company)
PI YAO AND THE FARMERS' DAUGHTERS DirectorSamuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival
BECAUSE OF BETH DirectorSmall Pond Entertainment
A CHRISTMAS CAROL Director, Dramaturg, AdaptorTTC (The Theater Company)
ADMIT IMPEDIMENTS DirectorMITF Next Step/Cross-Eyed Bear Productions
THE SOUND OF TWO HANDS TYPING DirectorSamuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival
A HILLSIDE IN HELL* Director, DesignerLove Creek Theater/Chernuchin Theatre
A HILLSIDE IN HELL Director, DesignerBrass Tacks Festival
SLEEPING IN TOMORROW DirectorCross-Eyed Bear Productions
CANDY, FLOWERS AND A CARD Director, DesignerLove Creek Theater/Chernuchin Theatre
THREE QUESTIONS** Director, DesignerLove Creek Theater/Chernuchin Theatre
THREE QUESTIONS DirectorTurnip Theatre Co./American Globe Th.
CANDY, FLOWERS AND A CARD Director, DesignerPlaytime Theater
AGNES OF GOD Director, DesignerHolla Holla Productions/West End Theatre
VANITIES Director, DesignerWest End Theatre, Alexandria, VA
*Finalist, Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival
**Winner, Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival

Voice (classical repertoire): Don Wiggins, Alan Huszti, Keith Kibler
Voice (musical theater): George Fulginiti-Shakar, Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory (Wash., DC)
Acting: Steven Jobs, Christopher Lane, Rick Fiori, Woolly Mammoth (Wash., DC)
Dance (jazz, theater, ballet): Broadway Dance Center, Joy of Motion Dance Studio (Wash., DC)
Classes/workshops: Musical Theatre Forum (Vincent Paul Boyle)
B.A. Sweet Briar College, English/Music Major

Dialects: Conversational French, Scottish, Cockney, Upper-class English, U.S. Southern, Russian
Music: Voice excellent sight-reader and harmonizer, some piano
Sports: Horseback riding (English), tennis, basketball, baseball, swimming, ice skating, juggling
Other: blood-chilling scream, knitting, sewing (machine & hand), Drive (standard); motorcycle license; passport; excellent with children. Vocal impressions of Yoda, the Jedi Master.

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