Sweeter Dreams

"Clara Barton Green is solid and adds a witty comedic flair to the production."

--Review Fix

Sweeter Dreams

"The only outlandish character here (in a decidedly outlandish industry) is Roberta, and that could totally be due to Green's sassy, humorous characterization."

--Theatre Is Easy

The Thyme of the Season

"The acting is outstanding, with particular praise to Clara Barton Green who makes a marvelously spritely Puck and who plays very well in her scenes with Tania Jeudy's Pumpkinseed."


Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants

“And amidst all the debauchery, the loveable cast of Prince Trevor delivers every joke, whether an intricate play on words or an exploding expletive, with such sweet-faced sincerity, they often catch us by surprise. Rather than nodding and winking, they wholly inhabit this fantasy world, and each utterance of the word 'queer' by a stern medieval king gets that many more startled giggles.…”

--Theater Talk

The Trojan Women

“If you're doing a very standard production [of The Trojan Women], you need to have really top-grade actresses...I did, however, like Clara Barton Green as Helen.”

--Hi Drama

An Evening with Shakespeare’s Women

“A more apt title might be An Evening With Shakespeare's Women Performed By Seven Excellent Actresses...Many New York theatre companies should consider themselves lucky if they happen to get even one of these very talented women in the cast of their next Shakespeare play…The interpretive work Halpern and company have done is excellent…Each of the actresses' characterizations, across the board, are complex and fully realized.”

--Talkin’ Broadway

An Evening with Shakespeare’s Women

“Clara Barton Green entered next as Miranda in The Tempest and painted the lovely scenario of the young woman in love under the watch of her father. She showed a definite change in her body language and delivery when she later entered as Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Her last words in her monolog from As You Like It were adorable.”

--Off-Off Broadway Review

Dik and Jayne Are Not the Same

“Clara Barton Green plays the suitably understated educator...clearly a large dramatic talent...”


“Special notice must be made of Clara Barton Green, who plays LuAnne Henderson Cassady, Neal’s wife and Kerouac’s lover. She has a quiet intensity, sensitivity and awareness of the action around her, which causes you to focus on her at all times. It’s hoped that we will get to see her in more demanding roles in the future.”

--Northern Virginia Journal


"Other standouts in the cast include Clara Barton Green as Jenny...and Patricia Bowen-Hollinger as Anne...Both ladies not only have lovely voices (as their beautifully harmonized duet 'We Make a Beautiful Pair' attests) but put their individual stamps upon their respective characters. Green's Jenny has all the Anderson self-assurance tempered with just enough femininity and wit."

--The Free Lance-Star


"Clara Barton Green was lovely as the daughter..."

--The Review

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

"Chuck Dluhy and Clara Barton Green evoke magic in their love scenes together and own the strongest voices in the play."

--The Journal

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

"Chuck Dluhy and Clara Barton Green were charming as the young couple..."

--The Connection

Something’s Afoot

“Clara Barton Green and Jim Lawson brought down the house with 'Dinghy'…”

--Washington Post


Admit Impediments

"The Gay marriage battle has never been funnier than in new musical Admit Impediments, zippily directed by Clara Barton Green..."

--HX Magazine

Sleeping in Tomorrow

“The director has done a lovely job of staging Sleeping in Tomorrow...The technical aspects are enjoyable as well--a simple of placement of good apartment funishings and good sound and lighting. Costumes, too, are easy on the eye…”

--Constructive Critic

Agnes of God

Agnes of God, as presented by West End Theater in a special series of performances, is an intellectually and emotionally stimulating play that leaves one moved and shaken...If actors, actresses, directors, and their colleagues are passionately devoted to the spirit and integrity of the theater, there is a very compelling reason, and this production was a prime example why this is so. If the actors and directors are giving it their all, you find yourself drawn in, engaged, part of it, living it as the actors are living it, and being so shaken that it goes home with you like a ghost at the ball. And this is what happens with Agnes of God...This isn’t entertainment; it’s an experience...If you’re lucky you will catch it. This group of dedicated people are risk takers; willing to give their all to an ideal. It is my opinion that they have succeeded…”


“Director Clara Barton Green did an excellent job…”

--George Mason University Broadside